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Specialist Media & Buying Solutions



EDISONMEDIA.NET is an international media planning and buying house which specialises in higher income markets around the globe. In simple terms: We focus on planning and buying media for ‘high-ticket’ items or goods aimed at more affluent customers/buyers. Because we specialise, we are focused on bringing new light to media planning and buying through measures which actualise your business’s possibilities. At EDISONMEDIA.NET we utilise our 30 years of media planning and buying experience to address the lack of insight into niche markets in the global media planning and buying industry which generally chase the bigger budgets of FMCG clients (fast-moving consumer goods/perishables).

Our experience translates into an ‘anti-mass-market approach’ with zero investment in FMCG companies.* 

As most media planning and buying companies around the globe rely heavily on research derived from the FMCG industry for media planning and buying purposes, our experience affords us the time to cultivate real, targeted solutions which have proven time and time again to produce better returns and a better response rate for our clients.

At EDISONMEDIA.NET we also have the time to provide daily/weekly response tracking, because we have the luxury of high-level attention and focus on your target markets to make small adjustments on a regular basis in order to achieve maximum effect for your campaign. This ensures that both your budget and your response rate are optimised. Our media plans therefore always focused solely on our business objectives.

Every business person is a master at negotiation – which is not the case with conventional media planning and buying agencies. Their planners and buyers often just do not have the skills OR the luxury of time. In this regard EDISONMEDIA.NET is totally different … we have the skill set and time to negotiate. Over the course of seven years, we have been independently audited by an international auditing firm and have outperformed the Industry Discount Guideline by a considerable margin. This proves that we negotiate better media rates on your behalf.

We DO NOT accept any trips to local and international events, gifts or complimentary lunches from media owners. After all, ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’, and these indulgences anyway end up costing our clients more money. We offer experience-tailored, flexible media and buying solutions which provide and connect you with your consumers​ ​at​ the right place at the right time … at the right price.

FMCG clients make up the biggest chunk of business for conventional media planning and buying houses. As a result of the nature of the FMCG industry, such clients demand continuous and high-level attention. It goes without saying that conventional media buying houses give most attention to whoever pays them the most and shouts the loudest at them. Because we specialise in premium/elite status items and our senior staff are not ‘bogged down’ by demanding FMCG clients with big budgets and food that will perish in 72 hours, EDISONMEDIA.NET can devise well strategised, clear-headed, highly effective and adaptable media plans.

Adaptive media solutions

As an adaptive, all-encompassing media house, we weave together our 30-year existence, market intelligence and hardworking creative to arrive at a strategically planned media solution applicable on a long-term or campaign-to-campaign basis – one that reaches and excites your audience! We take your business personal, that’s why every opportunity for growth will be identified and capitalised upon for your benefit.

Our areas of expertise include planning and buying:

– All ‘new’ or digital media including digital publisher display, etc 
– Pay-per-Click 
– Online pre-roll video 
– Outdoor/Branding 
– TV 
– Radio 
– Print 
– Sponsorships 
– Selective PR

Time is always of the essence

Quite often you do not have the time to wait months for creative from your incumbent ad agency (who is probably also under high pressure from its own FMCG clients!). As such, we have immediate access to a creative team, as well as TV and radio production facilities for special projects. This gives us a faster turn-around time because of quick roll-out of creative and production of final material for publications.


EDISONMEDIA.NET offers the full package, so you can expect excellent service and immediate access to a dedicated team with extensive training and experience in media planning and buying, marketing, advertising and market psychology. This enables us to provide you with a truly all-encompassing media solution.

Contact us

We work around the globe, but our main planning and buying offices are located in Cape Town and New York. Wherever you are in the world, share an existing media schedule with us and we will give you an honest opinion as to whether we can improve on it, or even better … beat it.